Foersom Bioenergi

Since its completion, Foersom Bioenergi is a future-proof biogas plant. 
 You can follow the latest news here on the website, where we presented construction process and showcased the structure of the facility via photos. 

Foersom Bioenergi shall be a symbol of a comprehensive approach to raw materials for biogas production.

The plant is strategically designed with tall reactor tanks to accommodate the future injection of hydrogen for methanation within the reactors.

Fremsyn, taking charge of the design and planning, has been instrumental in bringing Foersom Bioenergi to life.

External expertise from LH-Bio has further contributed as advisers on the design and construction of the biogas plant, complementing other advisory roles in obtaining permits and related processes.

The construction includes two primary reactors of 8,000 m3 each and one degassing reactor of 8,000 m3, featuring an integrated gas storage capacity of 4,500 m3.

A notable feature of the design is the envisaged long residence time, reaching up to 120 days, which accounts for overcapacity in the reactor volume.

As a precautionary measure, a submerged "tank yard" has been established to address potential worst-case scenarios in the event of spills or accidents.

Diverse raw materials are slated for use in production, including manure, animal manure, late grassland, stale raw materials like grass, seed grass, natural grass, feed residues, stale grain, and industrial products, among others, ensuring a robust and sustainable feedstock for the biogas production process.

Working Together

Watch the whole construction process in only two minutes:

                                           Showcase of the construction of Foersom Bioenergi, Egvadvej 29, 6880 Tarm