Our origins 

Fremsyn, the owner of the biogas plant Foersom Bioenergi, is an independent consultancy with a specialized focus on green business development and on consultancy within energy and transport.

Why delve into ownership of biogas plants?
"The decision to venture into ownership of biogas plants comes from a desire to gain hands-on experience: By owning, building, and operating a biogas company like Foersom Bioenergi, we aim to gain essential knowledge and expertise", says Knud Boesgaard, chairman of the board of Fremsyn.

Over the last year, Fremsyn has worked intensively on planning and structuring Foersom Bioenergi, so that they are now working according to an exact and well-documented plan.
The company's own engineers and project development personnel have intricately designed the facility, enabling them to adhere to a comprehensive plan not only for construction but also for long-term operations and eventual expansions.

Fremsyn's role extends beyond ownership to consultancy services. We provide valuable insights for business development and contribute to informed decision-making processes, grounded in financial considerations and the environmental impact, including aspects related to climate, air pollution, and noise. 

At Fremsyn, we believe in a future without fossil energies, embracing widespread adoption of sustainable alternatives. Through a deep understanding of the green market and various stakeholders, we play a vital role in shaping the landscape of sustainable energy solutions.